Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I am so glad I don't have to apply for jobs, schlep resumes, and stress over interviews... well at least not for another year or so. I finally found a job that is related to my major. I'm still getting used to everything the people the place... they are all nice but I think I'm the youngest person in the office... and sometimes I feel like I can't really fit in. almost everyone of them are married or related to each other. However... I feel like things are falling right into place. I'll graduate next summer and this job will be a good experience. I just have to drag my self to do well in school...just three more semesters and I'm done... I think

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The semester is almost over... but I feel like I am done inside. Lately I have been feeling very discouraged. This semester has been one of my worst. Things didn't start out well... with the accident and all. I feel so much better about that... we have another car and my mother is okay. Although I think I have developed a phobia of driving, not that I drive that often but I am on edge whenever I am in a car. I really hope I end up living in a city where I can use public transportation all the time. Anyways, I ended up dropping one of my classes in the beginning of the semester and because of that another semester was added to my graduation date. Today I just signed a loan... my first loan ever! I was very much against it but I really need to gradate soon. I am going to take two classes maybe one in the summer.

I want a break! I have at least one exam every week and I am only taking four classes! I swear I think the professors have a secret meeting on how they can make our life more miserable. I need to stop complaining...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Total despair

What a miserable year so far! I have never been in this much stress my whole life! On the 3rd while shopping for school which started the next day, me and my mother were getting out of a parking lot when some idiot crashed into our car rendering it useless! My mother bruised the bone in her knee, I was okay except for seatbelt bruises. I was so freaked out since I have never been in any sort of accident where I had to call 911. Seeing my mother being put in an ambulance was the most horrible thing I have ever witnessed. Ever since that cursed day all I can think about is that moment where the car slammed into us... it keeps playing over and over again in my mind. We don't have a car in this horrible winter. My mother can't even lift her leg... she tries to act strong but I know that she is in pain. Insurance...oh how I hate insurance companies! It took them a week to even look at the car!

Life has to go on and I have to take the bus to school and work in this record low winter. I am a total mess... I can't concentrate in school... I had to drop one of my classes because it was so early in the morning and it would still be dark outside when waiting for the bus.
I told my boss that I was in a car accident and he didn't even ask if everyone was okay! The same with some of the people at work... it just shows me how people really are... I hate my job including the people. Even though I have been there longer they promoted someone else over me. I am wasting my time working there since it isn't even related to my major. So I was planning to look for another job before the accident but now I don't even have time to study.

I am trying to be positive be glad that the accident wasn't worse but I feel so miserable about everything. Today I was going to heat up some food in the microwave and my brother... another headache in my life... put motor oil in the microwave to heat it up since it was frozen from the cold! The kitchen was filled with smoke…the microwave smelled like burnt plastic. When I saw that I just started crying uncontrollably... I know that it wasn't because I wasn't able to heat up my pizza.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Waitin' For You

Every night I look up to the sky
You know I'm waiting for you
And for all the words
That you told me baby to come true
Don't make me wait no more
I need you, don't let me stay here all alone
Talk to me, talk to me baby
You know I'm waiting for you
So come to me - come to me
I don't want to wait for you anymore
Come to me baby right now
Come to me
Come to me
Lookin’ for a star up in the sky
Waiting for some lover to arrive
I’ve been searching for your face inside the darkness
Every night I see you coming back to me
I was waitin’ for you waitin’ for you
I’m waitin’ for you waitin’ for you
I’m waitin’ for you...
Hoping for a signal from above
Searching for the meaning of our love
As I walk towards the light among the shadows
In my sleep I see you coming back to me
I was waitin’ for you.
Waitin’ for you
I’m waitin’ for you.
Waitin’ for you
I’m waitin’ for you...

Benassi Bros

Saturday, December 30, 2006

No school!

Even though I have had almost two weeks of no-school, I don’t want to go back! School starts on Thursday and I am just not ready… besides I hate my new schedule for the semester. This one class was available at eight in the morning or five in the afternoon. I am not looking forward to facing winter roads in the morning. Oh totally forgot! My grades… four B+ and an A! I was so happy the last couple of days… best Christmas present ever… from myself. I worked really hard and it paid off. And now I have to do it all over again next semester…yey

Next week I’m taking four days off just before school starts and give myself a little break from work. I can’t wait to get away from work people for a couple of days. I can’t stand them but I can’t help but be nice to people. I’ll do anything to avoid a confrontation… I have issues.

I am planning to get a haircut and go shopping for some items. I have finally convinced myself to cut my hair short… a bob to be exact. I have had long hair my whole life mainly because of my mother’s influence but I want to experiment and see what I look like with a short hair.

I really need to sleep, work in five hours.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I am absolutely exhausted! The last week before finals and I am trying to get all the final assignments in before Thursday. I am barely getting enough sleep (which I should be doing right now) and get to eat maybe twice a day. I am very nervous for all four finals next week! I have to do well this semester if I want to stay on D list. My mother would just freak out if I drop out of that. I can't wait until grades come out.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I have a year left until graduation. I need some experience in the accounting field before I graduate so that someone will hire me. I need an internship or some kind of bookkeeping job. I hate the whole process of looking for a job, interviewing, and résumés... I just want to fast forward to the good part. I am planning to tell my boss that I am going to start looking for another job. I feel so nervous because I hate confrontational situations but I am going to have to do it sooner or later. I don't want to be one of those people who graduate and sit around without a job. The next two years are going to be very important for my future. I know I will graduate but I am totally terrified about what will happen after graduation.